Alchemy Foods

About This Project

Los Sueños Farms is proud to power Alchemy Foods with our all natural, sun-grown cannabis. At Los Sueños Farms, our company decides to work with companies who set the standard for the industry; with Alchemy Foods, every edible does just that. Check out their products here, and read more below.

At ALCHEMY FOOD CO. we make marijuana-infused products you can actually feel good about eating. Our whole food edibles are crafted with real food ingredients, free of processed sugars, and infused with unrefined canna-coconut oil. And our canna-coconut cooking oil is comprised of two ingredients and two ingredients only: decarbed cannabis (Blue Dream) and coconut cooking oil.

You’ll never find highly-refined ingredients (like soy lecithin), synthetic additives (like polysorbate), or preservatives (like sulfur dioxide) in our products because we’re firm believers that ingredients like that defeat the whole purpose of consuming cannabis in the first place. (TL;DR. We don’t use any weird shit. Ever.)