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In this Oct. 10, 2016 photo, agronomist Sean Babson walks between rows of the crop at Los Suenos Farms, America’s largest legal open air marijuana farm, in Avondale, southern Colo. For the fall 2016 harvest, the 36-acres are expected to yield 5 to 6 tons. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley). See more photos, HERE.

Culture Magazine

Click here to read the full article!  “Los Sueños Farms is proud to be part of Pueblo’s local economy; the farm employs locals while using local resources to cultivate the growth of natural sun-grown cannabis. Los Sueños Farms uses organic farming practices to naturally manage their 36 acres of outdoor crops & their 34,000 square …

The Hemp Connoisseur

Short exerpt from The Hemp Connoisseurs’ article on Los Sueños Farms.. “Growing plants outdoors seems like a natural way of doing things, but when it comes to marijuana in Colorado, the idea is a bit of a revelation. In most of the state, growing outdoor marijuana isn’t allowed. All production is limited to secure, closed facilities with walls and …


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